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"How people treat you is their karma; How you react is yours"
- Srikrishna, "Bhagavadgita"


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thamohar classes

Past Life Healing

We as humans, in the journey of evolution has carried many of karmic Baggage's and unwanted negative emotions from our past lives to our present life and these are creating blockages, diseases, traumas etc., which is preventing the progress of our present life.

The Past Life Healing work is to go back into those lives and disconnect with those Emotional Blockages so, that our future becomes free to be created.

  • The Experience of "De Ja Vu" ?
  • The Feeling that you have already been somewhere or seen something before
  • Lack of clarity about the purpose of life
  • Who are you ?
  • Why are you here on earth ?
  • What happens after death ?
  • Solutions to your Problems
  • Life between Life

Drona Sanjeevini Meditation

“Vishwa” means universe and the flow of universal energy is called “Vishwa Nadi” which is connected to individual life through prana (the breath).

In the breath there is a sound called “So-hum” on inhalation “So” goes in and exhalation “hum” goes out, and “so hum” is Shiva, continuous breathing of the “So hum” becomes “hum so” which is shakthi (energy) of Shiva representing male & female energy (Ardhanareeshwara).

“So” is higher consciousness and “hum” is the ego which goes out and these sound vibrations of breath are moving through the nadies and nadi (pulse) moves through all organs holding them together, inturn holding the life by continuous flow of consciousness called “JIVA”

And this breath “So-hum” consists clestile elements - space, air, fire, water and earth, and through Drona Sanjeevini Meditation one can balance these cosmic elements which are connected to individual and the “Vishwa nadi” (Universal Consciousness) through the breath (prana) and in the process creating tranquility and peace within, and Drona Sanjeevini meditation is a base and also a tool to Drona Sanjeevini energy massage, Drona sanjeevini facial energy massage and Drona Sanjeevini healing and Drona Jeeva dialogue therapy.

Drona Sanjeevini Energy Massage

Day to day stress can lead to blockages in the flow of energy around the Aura and Chakras and these energy blockages leads to sickness and ailment to the physical body. Through Drona Sanjeevini Energy Massage one can remove the energy blockages in the Aura and Chakra’s of the effected body by giving an energy massage to the effected energy body and the process restore the health of the physical body.

Drona Sanjeevini Facial Energy Massage

This massage one of the most effective massage where you can work on the Aura around the face and neck of a person.

This massage is done only on the energy body of the face without touching the physical face and the massage works so deeply that even it can be felt by the physical face instantly, the result a beautiful and soothing and blissful state and gives a more radiant, vibrant, glowing complexion to the skin of the face and neck.

Soul and spirit cleansing

Ghosts and spirits, are souls that did not pass into the next dimension when their physical body’s died on the earth may be due to unfinished business on earth, attachment to the earthly life, are may be wants to take revenge against someone and many more ......

But as they hang around and stays in and around a person and in their home that person will be in all sorts of problems and inspite of all possible attempts to solve it the problem remains are becomes worse, It may be any kind from health to wealth.

And once the possessed ghost / spirit is released and the home of the respective person is energetically cleansed then the persons life is free from negative blockages and remarkable transformations starts within.

"God has become man, man will become god again"
- Swamy vivekananda

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